#BigJulyGetAway patrons want Ghana’s tourism sector developed

After being exposed to captivating tourist sites and massive infrastructure during their leisure tour in faraway Mauritius, patrons of Citi FM‘s #BigJulyGetAway are calling on the Ghana government to emulate the Mauritian example.

The week-long trip which ended last Sunday, took participants on a five day adventure on the Island of Mauritius and two days in South Africa.

Mauritius which has a population of 1.2 million had the same number of tourist visiting the country in 2016.

According to the patrons, if government is able to develop some major tourist sites in Ghana, the country would become the preferred tourist destination in the Africa.

“We can learn some lessons from what we saw to boost tourism in Ghana. My first impression was the roads leading to these places. They have such good roads. Ghana has much more interesting places but they are not well developed. For instance the Wli waterfalls, our castles, the sites are not well developed. The roads leading to the place are not even good enough to attract people so let’s develop our site and we will make Ghana one of the tourism destinations in the world.”

One of the patrons said: “One of the things that really caught my attention was the tourism attraction. The people of Mauritius do not really have many resources that we do [in Ghana] so mainly they have sugarcane and they have the sea. And they are able to package this so well that people across the world come to have a boat cruise on the sea to generate some good revenue for the country. I think this is one of the things we can emulate and we can inculcate in our system back at home.”

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“From what we’ve seen so far from the trip, we want to humbly submit to government to take the following actions: one there must be a deliberate action to invest in the tourism sector and infrastructure,” another patron added.

“I think Mauritius is a wonderful place, to me they have the sought of discipline that we lack in Ghana. Some of the things I think we can incorporate in our lifestyles is the orderliness on our roads. I think another major thing is respecting our tourist site. We always are inviting people to come and visit us in Ghana but what is there to see? So we need to respect our tourist places and make it look nice enough for people to want to come and visit. And lastly you can’t visit a place when the road is bad. So fix the roads too,” another patron said.

The South and its charms
While in Mauritius participants had an experience of their lifetime cruising on the Indian Ocean, a visit to the Hindu Temple, Chameral waterfall, Trau aux Cerf Crater [dormant volcano site], Seven coloured Earths among others.

They also took part in some water sporting activities and were also treated to good live band music.

They later were flown to Johannesburg for the final part of the leisure trip.

By: Godwin A. Allotey & Kojo Agyeman/citifmonline.com/Ghana

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