Botswana: A go-to destination for safari

Botswana: A go-to destination for safari

Know Before You Go

When considering a safari visit to Botswana, among the first questions asked, “COULD IT BE Safe?” advises people to exercise “normal” precautions whilst travelling in Botswana. This implies that the national country has crime, as other countries just; however, travelers lose sight of these surroundings and be targets frequently. This is a good notion to be vigilant about your valuables and yourself, wherever you’re.

Go Solo?

While numerous visitors travel through Botswana within a tourist group (strongly suggested), others seek the freedom of independent travel. If that is your preference and you also intend to drive through the united states you should remember that Botswana is among 13 left-side drive countries in Africa and that road conditions could be challenging.

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The major highways (frequently 2 lanes) offer acceptable driving conditions; however, shoulders for emergency pull-offs is probably not available and disabled trucks and cars tend to be “stuck” in the center of the street. Animals, vegetation, heavy rains, poor lighting, non-functioning traffic roadside and lights fires, may cause insufficient conceal and visibility road hazards.

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