Bravehearts Expeditions redefining adventure tourism in Ghana

Bravehearts Expeditions redefining adventure tourism in Ghana

Ghana’s unique landscape helps it be a straightforward haven for tourists who prefer to push their adrenaline levels to challenging heights.

While this beautiful natural resource offers a real chance of adventure tourism, just a few entities are benefiting from the huge potential that exists.

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But one Ghanaian company, Bravehearts Expeditions is changing the narrative, giving tourists and adventure seekers the opportunity to experience another type or sort of adventure.

The ongoing company describes itself as “West- to Central Africa’s sole Outdoor Leadership and Experiential Learning Expeditions firm. We offer fun, exhilarating and active experiences for folks from all walks of life on our jungle, mountain, and wilderness and whitewater experiential learning expeditions.”

In an interview with Expedition Leader Jay Jay Segbefia told VoyagesAfriq Travel Magazine they take teams of tourists, students, people and many more to see life in the Ghanaian jungle, where they’re deprived of the plain things they neglect in the town; “so we have been looking at mobile phones and all electronic gadgets, make-ups, hair dryers plus they are introduced by us alive where they sleep in canvas tent with in-built mosquito net. They consume food cooked over campfires, they’re lead by us to hike and trek across a few of Ghana’s breathtaking mountain landforms, they abseil cliffs, slush through knee-high rivers, they kayak on the world’s largest man-made lake, this is the Lake Volta.”

Jay Jay Segbefia believes the experience they provide will not just help their clients to place their level endurance to the test, but helps in the rediscovery of themselves also.

The Expedition Leader right (Jay Jay Sebgefia) preparing an adventurer for abseiling

“So by doing this, what we find yourself doing would be to push them beyond their limits of recreational, mental, physical and sometimes, spiritual endurance. And obtain them in which to stay touch with both themselves and nature both relaxed and within an intense way and discover within themselves what we prefer to describe because the greatness that resides inside them.”

With trained team of explorers who’ve discovered massive caves highly, reached the most notable of unclimbed peaks, trekked to the far reaches of the Ghanaian jungle and explored the vast expanse of the Volta Lake. Bravehearts Expeditions work in teams and develop strong relationships and active processes which cultivate a culture of change and capability to adapt quickly.

Mindful of the grouped communities and in the spirit of sustainability, Bravehearts Expeditions donate to providing economic also, social and environmental incentives for local communities to prevent the procedure of environmental degradation preventing biodiversity loss.

“What we do at Bravehearts Expeditions can be to generate the economic incentives for rural communities to call home their environment since it is. Every year in exchange, we file our taxes once, we give 10 % (10%) of our profits to supporting education for some of our rural locations, in providing usage of good quality normal water and bridges sometimes. We’ve built docks for fishermen along Lake Volta aswell also. So we do that to encourage the social people not screw up the environment, to avoid eco-system decline,” Jay Jay Segbefia explained.

The Expedition Leader strongly believes that Ghana has what must be done for the united states to reap enormously from adventure tourism if properly harnessed, marketed and packaged. With over 10,000 people having signed to their adventure package in Ghana in the last years, Bravehearts Expeditions hopes to attain 1 million people in the coming years and they might spread their tentacles abroad within the West African sub-region and beyond.

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