Breaking News: Cayman Islands on High Alert for COVID-19 Coronavirus Cases

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The Cayman Islands Ministry of Health, Public Health Department, and the management of the Health Services Authority (HSA) are in a high state of preparedness for the COVID-19 coronavirus. As of March 5, 2020, there are no cases in the Cayman Islands.

The opening of the Cayman Islands National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) on Wednesday, March 4, brought together government and community partners to prepare for the possibility of the virus reaching Cayman. NEOC is coordinating efforts including health, economic continuity, uniformed and support services and utilities. Teams are meeting at least once daily to share information and take key decisions.

While there are no confirmed local cases, the Public Health Department continues to work with international health partners, to monitor and prepare for the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Lee commented, “With confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Florida, the Dominican Republic and St. Barts concerns among local residents are real.”

He added: “As more cases are confirmed worldwide, the overall risk of the coronavirus (COVID-19) coming to the Cayman Islands is high and the situation is evolving rapidly. Continuing preventative measures such as washing hands regularly and avoiding others with respiratory illnesses are essential. Increase your distance from people to a minimum of three feet, and preferably six feet. Having a family and household plan can also help to slow the spread of the disease.”

Dr. Lee concluded: “A review of our plans to protect residents and visitors is an ongoing process. We remain vigilant while working with stakeholders to ensure our borders are protected and that any imported case is managed efficiently to minimize the impact.”

International dialogue continues to take place. On Sunday, March 1, Hon. Roy McTaggart, Minister for Finance and Economic…


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