Breaking News: Italy has made our mistake but has not learned the lesson

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The China perspective on the situation in Italy over the COVID-19 coronavirus is that Italy is making the same mistake Beijing made. China President Xi Jinping was clear when he said that Italy, however, is still in the middle of the fjord.

Correspondent Francesco Sisci is an Italian sinologist who lives in Beijing. He shared his perspective with eTN Italy correspondent Mario Masciullo:

In Italy, things happen that from a distance appear simply incomprehensible, regardless of whether they are good or bad.

Schools close but not offices – why? Again, schools close but the use of masks and gloves is not ordered – why? First it is reported that the schools will be closed for 2 weeks, then after a day goes by, the period is extended. Why are the authorities saying one thing first and then another after a mere few hours?

If there are reasons for this, they must be said; if there are no reasons, then why are these things being done?

The story of the interruption of direct flights from China to Italy from a month ago is again in the news. The flights were interrupted, but there was no control over who came from China, nor was a quarantine introduced for those who arrived. This (perhaps simplistic) measure may be at the origin of the explosion of the disease in Italy. It certainly didn’t help.

Are these confused new measures generating panic inside and outside the country today? Do they not communicate abroad that the government is disconnected?

In China, everything was not done wrong; maybe something can actually be learned. Beijing has been fighting for a couple of months over the idea of blocking Wuhan and the province of Hubei, the epicenter of the epidemic, and cautioning the rest of the country.

The worries were the same as in Italy. Perhaps if it is not such a serious disease, can the country afford the luxury of having a great brake on the…


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