Breaking News: Italy Prime Minister Stands Up for Government over COVID-19 coronavirus

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Devoted to the Italians, Italy Prime Minister (PM) Giuseppe Conte said in a TV press conference addressing the government’s response to the COVID-19 coronavirus: “I will no longer allow the criticism of the government that does not work; of the government of the ‘no’ to be nourished. This government has spoken little and done a lot, has worked hard for the benefit of all Italians.

“I will no longer accept that passion and dedication with which everyone has faced the commitment of government and the substantial work done by parliamentarians be underestimated.

“It is not the first time that our country is facing national emergencies. We are a strong country which does not give up. It is in our DNA, it is a challenge that has no political color. It must call the whole nation together; it is a challenge that [gets] won with the commitment of everyone – citizens, institutions, scientists, medical workers, civil protection workers of the sector.

“All of Italy is called to share the duties. Since January, we have applied measures that have appeared drastic, actually adequate to protect the health of citizens, to contain the spread of the infection.

“We have always acted on the basis of the evaluation of the scientific-technical committee, always choosing the line of transparency and truth, determined not to feed mistrust, conspiracy. Truth is the strongest antidote.

“Once the first containment measures were taken, especially regarding the red zone, I felt it was right to explain to all citizens what was happening. We are on the same boat. Whoever has the helm has the duty to keep the course and indicate it to the crew. Today, I am talking to you that new measures are on the way. We have to make an extra effort. We have to do it together.”

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