Bulgarian PM promises government overhaul after anti-corruption protests

, Bulgarian PM promises government overhaul after anti-corruption protests, TravelWireNews | World News

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Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov, facing a no-confidence vote in parliament and anti-corruption protests in the streets, said on Thursday he may overhaul his cabinet soon. However, he insisted the government must stay in place to fight the coronavirus, Reuters reported.

The three-times prime minister said he would consider an “enormous overhaul” of his center-right cabinet after the no-confidence vote next week. The ruling party can survive it with the support of a small populist party and independent lawmakers.

Borissov said on Thursday that he had asked his finance, interior and economy ministers to step down. The move would put an end of speculation that they were under the influence of a controversial media magnate and businessman from another political party, even if the PM will not accept their resignations for now.

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