Business Worldwide Magazine Appoints Mohammad Al Duaij its Man of the Year, 2017

LONDON, January 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

The title of Business Worldwide Magazine’s (BWM) Business Worldwide Man of the Year 2017 has been awarded to Mohammad Al Duaij, CEO of Alea Global Group.

Al Duaij was the unanimous choice of the judging panel, thanks to his extensive mediation work in conflict resolution. The head of the investment company – which deals in real estate and equity investment as well as physical commodities trading and business development – helps mediate with governments in order to improve trade between countries.

Based in Kuwait, the seasoned investment analyst insists business is often at the heart of conflict resolution.  

“I bring people together to clear the air between them. Talking to each other with no obstacles or hidden agendas is the only way to remove conflicts,” he explained.

“Stating what you need, your requirements, and the reason for the conflict is the starting point to solving the problem.

“People who are interested in doing business and making money will always compromise to make things workable.”

Al Duaij is firmly of the belief that everything in life has a solution and that his intention is to simplify – rather than complicate – matters.

The Business Worldwide Man of the Year Award is presented to an individual in business whose qualities such as leadership, strategic planning, mediation abilities and market focus has led to growth and innovation.

A spokesman for BWM congratulated the global businessman on his success and added: “With this award we always look for someone who hasn’t just excelled in business, but used their business know-how to improve the community or environment in which they operate. We believe that Mohammed Al Duaij fits the bill perfectly.”

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Al Duaij attributes much of his mediation breakthroughs to having built up a large global network and a talent for opening doors. Since childhood he has travelled widely, allowing him an early insight in differing mores and cultures. However, it is undoubtedly his risk-taking personality which has allowed him to excel where others have failed. Even in his ‘off-time’ he enjoys participating in such extreme sports as skydiving, mountain climbing and surfing.

He is firmly of the belief that business needs peace to survive, allowing goods to be traded and employment, along with wealth to increase. He points to the European Union as an example as open trade ensuring peace.

Find out more about Mohammed Al Duaij and Alea Global Group at the website

An article on the company can also be found on BWM website

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