California bar shooting: Police identify Ian David Long as gunman

California bar shooting: Police identify Ian David Long as gunman

People comfort one another following a mass shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California [Ringo Chiu/Reuters]

Police identified 28-year-old Ian David Long because the suspected gunman in a shooting at a bar in southern California that left at the very least 12 people dead late on Wednesday. 

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Police said Long seemed to have shot randomly in to the crowd at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, about 50km west of LA. Night and was filled with students along with other patrons the bar was hosting a college country music. 

Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean said on Thursday that Long was armed with a Glock 21, a .45-caliber handgun made to hold 10 rounds and something in the chamber. But Dean said the gun had a protracted magazine that’s illegal in California.

The sheriff said Long is thought to have killed himself after opening fire on the crowd.

Among the dead is Sergeant Ron Helus, who was simply reportedly killed while attempting to enter the club with Highway Patrol officers giving an answer to the gunfire. Others killed haven’t been identified.

At least one individual had been treated for a gunshot wound, while greater than a dozen others suffered minor injuries after jumping out of windows and diving under tables through the attack.  

Previous connection with police

Dean said his department had several previous contacts with Long, a former US Marine, in April including a call to his home, when deputies found him irrationally acting irate and. 


The sheriff said a mental health crisis team was called in those days and figured Long didn’t must be taken into custody.

Dean said another prior encounters were a traffic accident and an incident when he was the victim of battery at a bar.

The shooting may be the latest in more information on mass shootings in america.  

since October 2017

Three of the deadliest mass shootings in US modern history have occurred.  

In February, a gunman killed 17 people – the majority of whom were students – at a higher school in Florida. November 2017 in, a guy entered a church in rural Texas and killed 26 people. In October 2017 and, a guy shot a huge selection of people attending a country music concert in NEVADA from the window of a hotel, killing 58 people and injuring a lot more than 500 others. 

The string of shootings has reignited the debate over gun control, with teenagers taking the lead. This year earlier, a huge selection of students, teachers and their supporters marched in large cities in america against gun violence and called on politicians to take more action on gun control. 

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