‘Call me a n*gger & I’m sleeping whoever!’ Boxer J’Leon Love makes bizarre n-word warning to Twitter

, ‘Call me a n*gger & I’m sleeping whoever!’ Boxer J’Leon Love makes bizarre n-word warning to Twitter, TravelWireNews | World News

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American Boxer J’Leon Love was warned he will put to sleep anyone who calls him a n*gger in an out-of-the-blue Twitter rant aimed at the prolific use of the slur in videos on his timeline.

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Michigan super middleweight contender Love promised to knock the hate out of anyone who dare use the word in address to him. “Call me a nigger and I promise I’m sleeping whoever. Just sending out [an] announcement beforehand,” the 32-year-old wrote.

The 24-3 fighter’s outburst was made in apparent response not to the current political and racial tensions sweeping America and stemming from the killing of George Floyd in police custody, but from videos circulating on social media featuring the use of the word.

The tweet was met with a mixed response from some of his followers, who accused him of being needlessly aggressive. One Twitter user told him to “f*cking grow up”, to which the fighter replied: “Or else what? You telling me to grow up because I’m making a statement? 

“Like I said if a person was to call me that like so many videos I’ve been watching on the internet I will knock the shit out of a person. If you don’t like the tweet then keep scrolling or unfollow me.”

He then turned his attention to another reply which accused him of selectively being offended by the word. “I don’t call no one anything but if you say I promise I would knock you the fuck out,” Love ranted.

One family member advised him to take heed of his grandmother’s advice about ‘sticks and stones’ and that names will never hurt you.

But Love wasn’t in the mood for proverbs, and instead offered the words apparently from his mother. “Her daughter taught me if you let a person run over you then everyone will.”

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