Canada benefits from Mexico tourism whilst USA suffers

Canada benefits from Mexico tourism whilst USA suffers

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Mexicans are forsaking visits to the United States, many in favour of Canada where their money goes further and visa requirements have been scrapped, according to the latest data from ForwardKeys, which predicts future travel patterns by analysing 16 million booking transactions a day.

While US President Trump has talked about building a wall on the Mexican border, Canada has been enjoying a boom in visitors.

The timing of their visa waiver – falling around the time of the US election – appears to have been particularly apposite.

According to ForwardKeys, starting Mar 2016 there was a 16% increase in travel in the period up to the US presidential election. When visa-free travel came into effect on December 1 2016, there followed an 82% increase compared to the preceding year.

Before November’s US election, bookings from Mexico to the US were down 9%. After the US presidential election, the decline persisted in the face of an increasing fall in the value of the US dollar (USD) against the Mexican peso (MXN). The setback was not uniform however, as there was over 3% growth in business travel to the USA, most notably to Detroit.


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