Category of girl battling cancer demand Government to create patient travel fund

Category of girl battling cancer demand Government to create patient travel fund

A family who’ve spent a huge selection of pounds on petrol taking their young daughter to hospital for vital cancer treatment say the federal government must do more to greatly help other families struggling financially.

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Melissa Sayers, from Peterlee have given their backing a campaign by charity CLIC Sargent after new research, released for September’month s Childhood Cancer Awareness, discovered that children with cancer are experiencing to visit as far twice, and spend just as much twice, on addressing and from hospital than adults.

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Daisy Sayers.

Daisy Sayers.

On average, groups of children and teenagers with cancer face a round trip of 60 miles to access hospital for treatment, accumulated to at the very least £per month in petrol costs 180. .

Now CLIC Sargent has launched a petition urging the federal government to create a Cancer Patient Travel Fund to greatly help a large number of families afford to access hospital and back for vital cancer treatment.

Melissa and Chris’s daughter Daisy, who is two now, in November 2017 at only 22 months old was identified as having acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Daisy’s nearest specialist treatment centre is in Newcastle and the household regularly travel the 26-mile journey to hospital for treatment, that may take anything from 40 minutes to an full hour . 5.

Chris and Melissa Sayers with daughters Daisy, left, and Poppy.

Chris and Melissa Sayers with daughters Daisy, left, and Poppy.

Melissa said: “Since Daisy’s diagnosis, we’ve had several trips around Newcastle on her behalf treatment quite.

“This will depend on which treatment Daisy needs, what tests she needs or what check-up she needs.

“She’s experienced and out of hospital with unexpected stays when she&rsquo quite; s suddenly ill become, and she could be in for around three days at the same time there.

“Car and travel parking is among the biggest expenses.

“We’ve two cars, so easily take Daisy to hospital, Chris shall can be found in his car after work – so it’s the expense of both folks getting that.

“I wouldn’t even desire to guess at just how much it has cost us – hundreds definitely.”

Because of the type of childhood cancer, different cancer types require specialist treatment – that is only offered by a small amount of specialist treatment centres over the UK.

That can indicate families need to travel round the UK to access treatment – one family happens to be travelling over 800 miles to access the specialist treatment centre.

Melissa added: “Our work has been affected aswell so our income went down and the multiple travelling backwards and forwards frequently – it’s been hell, we’ve gone to hell and back. It’s the added expenses that put added pressure on the grouped family.

“Nearly all families, you obtain your wages and you also live compared to that much money – you won’t ever have a much to cover all of the extras that include a cancer diagnosis.

“The financial impact has been massive on us – it’s something you won’t ever expect nevertheless, you just haven’t any choice about just.

“There definitely has to be something on the market for families to greatly help with the expense of travel.”

Kate Lee, CEO at CLIC Sargent, said: “Being told your child has cancer is probably the most horrendous situations that any parent can see right now.

“No parent should ever need to worry about devoid of enough money to take the youngster to hospital for cancer treatment. The existing Government travel cost scheme isn’t fit for purpose and open to too little families.

“The NHS’ provision of universal healthcare is free at the real point of entry yet, the truth is families are footing the bill for this.

“We realize that cancer costs and families financially are actually struggling, leaving families counting pennies, counting on charity grants, borrowing money from family and friends, wiping out savings or facing being plunged into debt.

“This is simply not sufficient and the federal government needs to create a Cancer Patient Travel Fund in order that families can concentrate on their child, than fretting about mounting bills rather.”

CLIC Sargent is asking the general public to sign its petition contacting the Government to create a Cancer Patient Travel Fund.

The petition is seen at

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