CCRA Travel Commerce Network launches commissionable and private airfares on its booking engine

, CCRA Travel Commerce Network launches commissionable and private airfares on its booking engine, Travel Wire News |  Travel Newswire, Travel Wire News |  Travel Newswire

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FORT WORTH, TEXAS – CCRA Travel Commerce Network announced the launch of commissionable and private airfares on its Booking Engine. Travel advisors can now use to book and earn commissions on hotels, rental cars, and flights for their clients.

After launching in 2018, CCRA has remained committed to continually enhancing the platform with feedback from its agency partners. With the launch of this advancement at, CCRA is introducing a solution to the challenge travel advisors face when working to book commissionable air. Research findings revealed that comparing fares across sources in order to get the best price for clients was incredibly time-consuming, tracking down commissions was a struggle, and sometimes the commission payouts were so low that it was barely worth the time and energy in the first place. With these challenges in mind, CCRA partnered with airfare consolidator Sky Bird Travel & Tours to build a better way for travel advisors to earn revenue on flights.

Today CCRA unveils the next evolution of with the addition of commissionable and private airfares. Registered travel advisors can now quickly find the best possible airfares for their clients, earn competitive wholesale commissions, or markup their own commissions – all while streamlining their bookings and commission payouts for air, hotel, and cars in one user-friendly booking engine.

“Adding commissionable and private airfares to TripSet is a pivotal value-add for our agents. We look forward to continuing to build out a next-generation booking platform, and we believe our agents will be thrilled with the powerful new ability to earn more revenue on air,” said CCRA’s President and CEO, Dic Marxen.

How TripSet Air Works
With’s new air booking platform, it takes less time for travel advisors to search flights, make more money, and find low fares! When looking for flights, the platform performs a search across every GDS, finding more tickets below published prices, and allowing advisors to make bookings in real time with over 90+ partner airlines. 

With private fares, also referred to as net or wholesale fares, making up over 80% of TripSet’s flight inventory, travel advisors have the ability to set their own hidden markups and compare them against highly competitive commission rates to see which option will earn them more money. While travel advisors will find that most international flights on are commissionable, the private fares are discounted in most cases by at least the available commission on an equivalent published fare, allowing them to make even more revenue on international itineraries. Plus, travel advisors can optionally add agent service fees to any domestic or international flight, regardless of the fare type.

TripSet Air additionally allows travel advisors to change or cancel a reservation, add a meal request, or include a TSA Pre-check numbers all directly from the booking portal. As well, PNRs and past bookings can also be viewed from the account.

Commission payments are processed weekly. Optionally, a travel advisor can route commissions to their bank account by signing up for EFT (electronic funds transfer), saving time and creating a seamless way to receive payments.

TripSet Air also offers 24/7 multi-language support from on-call agents via phone and email.

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