Chai Nat residents flee floods to higher ground

Chai Nat residents flee floods to higher ground

Residents in Sappaya district in Chai Nat stay on a road to flee possible flooding. (Photo by Chudet Seehawong)

CHAI NAT: People in riverside areas are evacuating their belongings to higher ground as the Chao Phraya Dam releases more water downstream.

Residents of more than 300 households in Sappaya district rushed to move their cars, motorcycles, farm equipment and other necessities to roads where they set up temporary shelters on Thursday in fear their houses would soon be flooded by the discharged water.

The dam in the district is releasing 2,696 cubic metres per second, the highest rate this year, as more water from the North continues to flow into its reservoir.

The dam management said it will continue releasing water for at least the next week.

Temporary shelters erected on a road in Sappaya district, Chai Nat. (Photo by Chudet Seehawong)