CHATA’s launches Silent Auction to improve funds for tourism development

CHATA’s launches Silent Auction to improve funds for tourism development

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD – In order to raise funds in order to continue to donate to the development of Curacao’s tourism industry, CHATA launches again its annual Silent Auction once. Over summer and winter the CHATA Silent auction is probably the many fundraising events CHATA organizes. Through the Silent Auction the neighborhood community can bid on various auction items which range from hotel accommodations, flight tickets, activities and much more at a fraction of the purchase price.

As a non-profit organization, CHATA depends on fundraising activities to handle their important mission partially, that is to donate to the development of a sustainable tourism industry on Curaçao. The funds raised through the Silent Auction are committed to tourism development projects such as for example tourism awareness campaigns, human capital promotion and development of the destination. The funds generated by the Silent Auction in 2017 managed to get easy for CHATA to launch the NosTurismo Campaign, to supply various workshops/trainings to employees employed in the sector and students aspiring a lifetime career in the tourism industry and the Stars of the event where we recognize outstanding employees of the sector to mention several.  On November 21 and continue through November 28 ending at 11 the Silent Auction begins.59PM. A synopsis of all auction items and the way the Silent Auction works are available on

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CHATA is grateful to all or any its members who’ve provided many great auction items designed for the general public to bid on such as for example; accommodations, flights, fun island activities plus much more.

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