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China's warns US, allies on regional security, Taiwan

J-15 fighters from China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier conduct a drill in an area of South China Sea [FILE/Mo Xiaoliang/Reuters]

China said on Wednesday the United States and its allies were undermining global strategic stability by deepening their military presence and expanding alliances in the Asia Pacific.

Beijing said that it was prepared to use force to retake Taiwan – an island it considers a renegade province – which is set to receive a record $2.2bn worth of US weapons, including hundreds of tanks and missiles.

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Defence Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said the threat of separatism in Taiwan was growing and warned that those seeking the island’s independence would meet a dead end.

The national defence white paper, which was released by the defence ministry in Beijing, said the US deployment of a missile defence system in South Korea had severely undermined the regional strategic balance.

It also noted Japan’s reinterpretation of its post-World War II constitution to allow its military to operate farther from its shores, as well as Australia’s move to strengthen its alliance with the US.

China also emphasised its resolve to combat what it considers separatist forces in Tibet and the far west region of Xinjiang.