Christina thankful hospitality and tourism law being raised at law conference

Christina thankful hospitality and tourism law being raised at law conference

Datuk Christina Liew

KOTA KINABALU: Deputy Chief Minister cum Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew has lauded the Sabah Law Society (SLS) for organising the inaugural Borneo Rainforest Law Conference.

“I understand that the conference was a phenomenal success with over 350 participants. The topic Indigenous Rights – A Comparative Study is very timely and important.

“The natives of Sabah and Sarawak have rights enshrined in legislation and their culture, beliefs and way of life must not only be maintained but strengthened,” Christina said in her speech delivered by her ministry’s permanent secretary William Baya at the Borneo Rainforest Law Conference Welcoming Dinner on Thursday.

Christina said that her ministry would always support events of such nature, where Sabah can be a host and provide an international platform for events and conferences like this.

“Please continue the Borneo Law Conference so that it can become a signature event on a regular basis. The law is ever evolving and there will always be relevant legal topics to share and promote.

“I am especially pleased to note that one of the sessions was about hospitality and tourism law. This is certainly relevant for the State of Sabah as we seek to establish ourselves as the premier location for tourists in the region and beyond,” she said.

Christina also thanked MAJAPS (The Council of Justices of the Peace Sabah) and PUSAKA (Pusat Sumber Adat & Mediasi Kaum Anak Negeri Sabah) as well as with the support of the judiciary, the co-organisers of the conference.

“The legal profession is something very close to my heart. I had during my legal career always tried to assist the unrepresented and underprivileged. In that respect, I would urge the legal profession to assist the public where possible and provide pro bono (free of charge) assistance.

“I know the Sabah Law Society has the legal aid clinic on Saturdays to provide free legal advice to the community and has undertaken pro bono work from time to time.

“There is also the National Legal Aid Foundation known as YBGK (Yayasan Bantuan Guaman Kebangsaan) which provides representation for those who are unable to afford lawyers in criminal proceedings which is supported by the members of the Sabah Law Society,” she added.

She expressed her hope that more lawyers would be inspired to set aside some time to give back to the community and share their legal knowledge and skills.

“Access to justice is a fundamental right and no one should go unrepresented,” she stressed.

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