CIA director Gina Haspel is in Turkey to talk Khashoggi murder… but why?

CIA director Gina Haspel is in Turkey to talk Khashoggi murder… but why?

CIA Director Gina Haspel traveled to Turkey on Monday to assess and help with the investigation in to the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi — however the timing and possible motives of the visit are raising some eyebrows.

With Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatening to reveal the entire “naked truth” in what happened to Khashoggi, Haspel touched down in Ankara on Monday. Why? An indicator of panic from the Trump administration? A damage control mission as Erdogan prepares to reveal inconvenient information politically?

initially denying any understanding of what happened to Khashoggi

After, Riyadh admitted that the journalist have been killed inside&nbsp eventually;its Istanbul consulate, but said that the death was happened and accidental following a “fist fight” broke out between your journalist plus some rogue operatives acting within an “unsanctioned” manner.

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Turkey, however, claims that Khashoggi’s death was planned and brutal. Erdogan has said the journalist was killed in a “savage&rdquo extremely; attack and needed suspects to be tried in Istanbul. What’s more, Ankara claims to possess sufficient evidence to prove its version of events and contains called on Riyadh to supply answers.

Washington, alternatively, has been more circumspect concerning the Khashoggi case, with the Trump administration swaying backwards and forwards between chastising and complimenting Riyadh. Overall, however, Trump has given the impression he is wanting to look for a real solution to defuse the complete situation — even admitting that it could not be acceptable for the united states to reduce “massive amounts” of Saudi money on the death of a journalist who was simply not just a US citizen, prompting accusations he was section of a financially motivated cover-up with Riyadh. Those accusations grew louder when Trump said he found Saudi explanations credible and touted the national country as a “great ally”.

On the true face of it, Trump has sent Haspel to access underneath of what happened to Khashoggi; perhaps to check into whether Ankara really gets the video and audio evidence some officials have claimed to possess observed in leaks to media. But it’s hard to flee the irony that Haspel established fact on her behalf role in destroying video proof CIA torture in 2005 —  this season among the hurdles she faced in Senate confirmation hearings earlier.

Haspel herself was also reportedly a dynamic participant in torture of detainees earlier in her CIA career, even earning herself the nickname “Bloody Gina” from some less torture-happy colleagues.

Could Haspel’s impromptu visit to Ankara participate this effort to defuse the problem rather than to essentially get to underneath of what happened in the consulate walls? Could she be there in order to convince Erdogan to help keep secret information which might implicate Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, who critics believe will need to have ordered Khashoggi’s murder — and who the united states would prefer to help keep as a “great ally” in your community?

As for Erdogan, some believe he could be more than available to withholding crucial information regarding those in charge of Khashoggi’s death if the united states or Saudi Arabia presented him with some kind or sort of attractive deal or proposal. Others believe he might desire to use whatever evidence he claims to possess to weaken the Saudi crown prince, that could be to Ankara’s benefit in your community. The Tuesday speech where he promised to reveal the &ldquo during;naked truth” concerning the killing, Erdogan didn’t make reference to, or implicate, Mohammad bin Salman.

Trump has touted the “talented&rdquo tremendously; intelligence figures Washington has delivered to Ankara and said he’ll have more info on the investigation “very soon”. Indeed, soon we may learn about whether Haspel and her colleagues are tremendously talented at addressing underneath of crimes or helping cover them up.

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