City of Dubuque Seeking to Expand River Tourism

City of Dubuque Seeking to Expand River Tourism

DUBUQUE– At a city council meeting last,} the council voted unanimously to begin with accepting proposals for a dock expansion in the Port of Dubuque. The dock will be designed for other boats to utilize likely, however the project comes as a reply to a proposal from Viking River Cruises.

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The Swiss company plans to begin with cruises on top of the Mississippi as soon as 2021. But also for Dubuque to be among the destinations on the tour, the populous city would have to expand the docking facilities to support the bigger boats.

Though plans are receiving started just, it is a project that Assistant City Engineer Bob Schiesl has been associated with for a genuine period of time.

“Viking River Cruises approached the populous city of Dubuque,” says Schiesl. “They [Viking River Cruises] were very worked up about it due to all of the amenities the Port of Dubuque offers… it’s a perfect destination.”

Supporters of the dock expansion think that tours from Viking River Cruises could generate additional revenue to the town, and offer support for local businesses. Because of rise in popularity in excursion boats arriving at Dubuque, Schiesl is excited for the economic benefit this might bring to the populous city.

“It could you need to be amazing if we had that type of riverboat traffic along our riverfront,” he says. “The economic impact from the tourism perspective and shops will be amazing for the grouped community.”

Schiesl hopes that more info concerning the project will undoubtedly be available by the ultimate end of the twelve months. The proposals shall help confirm a timeline, cost, and exact located area of the project.

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