City plans ‘red tourism’

City plans ‘red tourism’

RESEARCH into more than 400 historic sites in Shanghai is being carried out ahead of a three-year plan to develop “red tourism” which will be announced later this year.

Shanghai has about 600 revolutionary sites, but many were destroyed during war, said Shen Chao, a director at the Shanghai Tourism Administration.

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The plan will cover turning “red tourism” resources into “red tourism” bases, developing “red tourism” products, and training staff to promote the development of the city’s “red tourism.” Shanghai has 34 “red tourism” bases, and six will be added by 2020, Shen said.

At a “red tourism” related event hosted by the administration at Luxun Park in Hongkou District yesterday, a competition was launched for photographers to submit works related to “red tourism.” Winning photos will be exhibited during this year’s Shanghai Tourism Festival.

Shanghai plays an important part in the history of the Communist Party of China, and is home to many historical and cultural sites, revolutionary sites and former residences of famous people, ideal for the city to develop into “red tourism,” officials said during the event.

The city has many “red tourism” resources, but they are scattered and some have residents living inside, said Xu Weiwan, director of the administration. They have many stories to tell, she said.

The city has already developed 10 “red tourism” routes, that include the site of the Fourth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Shanghai Luxun Museum, the former residence of martyr Li Bai and the former site of Tiantong’an Station of Songhu Railway.

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