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Civil servants’ air travel back to normal as fuel leak work continues

Travel restrictions on civil servants because of jet fuel rationing at Auckland Airport have been lifted.

That’s according to leading infrastructure experts responding to the rupture of the jet fuel pipeline to Auckland.
Source: 1 NEWS

Public sector workers were asked earlier this week to avoid flying as work continued on the damaged pipeline linking the Marsden Point refinery in Northland to the airport.

However, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment chief executive Carolyn Tremain says she’s now happy to see them resume their normal travel schedule.

Auckland Airport and some petrol stations have suffered from fuel shortages after the Northland leak.
Source: 1 NEWS

She cites the progress made in repairing the pipeline, and measures in place for supply options and to manage demand.

After the damage was discovered last week, the pipeline was temporarily shut down and airlines at Auckland Airport were restricted to 30 per cent of usual jet fuel allocation.

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Commander Martin Doolan says the crew have worked hard to be able to depart at short notice to help alleviate the jet fuel crisis.
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That allocation was due to increase to 50 per cent at the start of Friday.

Air New Zealand says it expects to operate its regular schedule on Friday with no fuel-related cancellations.

The airline says its domestic network has run largely as normal for the past two days and it cancelled just one return international service between Auckland and Houston on Thursday.

Refining NZ says the pipeline repairs are on target to allow jet fuel deliveries to its Wiri storage depot in south Auckland to resume between Sunday and Tuesday.

Settling, recertification and transport to the airport for use will then take another 30 hours.

The race to fix the pipeline is on and it’s been confirmed a digger caused the damage.
Source: 1 NEWS