‘Clean Cities – Clean Future’ Project in Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ Better Buildings Challenge, a community of building owners representing 150 million ft² of commercial real estate space committed to ‘going green’, has partnered with Urban Digital Twin pioneer Cityzenith.

The partners will implement the company’s SmartWorld Digital Twin product in LA’s Bunker Hill area to explore the use of this advanced technology to enable owners of buildings of any size, anywhere, to simulate their optimum financial paths to net zero emissions.

Urban Digital Twins are virtual replicas of real buildings, infrastructure, networks, etc. in cities connected to the data in and around them, and they are used to simulate and improve operational behavior in cities – including traffic, crowd movement, and emissions reduction.

Los Angeles now joins many other major US cities in Cityzenith’s ‘Clean Cities – Clean Future’ initiative, including New York, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, and LABBC Director David Hodgins said:

“We look forward to working with Cityzenith to demonstrate how its Urban Digital Twin technology can support the shift to net zero in this important area of LA, through simulating different potential scenarios and recommending the optimal combination of projects and financial strategies to make the whole thing work.

“The wider potential for the rest of LA, the state of California, and nationally and globally, is enormous.”

Michael Jansen, CEO and Founder of Cityzenith said:

“We are excited to be working in America’s second largest city (pop: 4.1 million) a long time champion of green buildings. We have to decarbonize almost six million buildings in America in the next 10 years and didn’t have the technological tools for that until today.

“A building’s data can be the key to enabling emissions reduction at scale, citywide. SmartWorld, our revolutionary Digital Twin platform, is an AI-driven, “systems of systems” platform designed to analyze and optimize the myriad of variables in a green building project – electrification, renewables, financial incentives, and other dynamic variables – helping buildings to go green for less cost and no risk.”

Cityzenith, joined the World Economic Forum’s prestigious Net Zero Carbon Cities program last year and CEO Michael Jansen, was recently interviewed by CNBC and Cheddar News about Clean Cities – Clean Future.

Jansen added: “This ground-breaking project in Los Angeles will also demonstrate how net zero buildings are cheaper to operate and attract higher rents and valuations. We are looking forward to working with our amazing partner in Los Angeles to see this project through to fruition.”

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