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Clinton attacks Trump and Giuliani in bizarre Scrabble-themed tweet

Hillary Clinton has called on Scrabble game maker Hasbro to update its list of approved words without including “ivesssapology” and “covfefe” that appeared in tweets by Rudy Giuliani and President Donald Trump respectively.

“Earlier this month, Scrabble updated its list of approved words for game play for the first time in four years (“ivesssapology” and “covfefe” were not among them),” Clinton tweeted on Sunday. “But those changes aren’t yet reflected in the Scrabble app. Where are we on this, Hasbro?”

‘Covfefe’ was a typo tweeted by Trump in May 2017 and never explained since. It had sparked mass speculation, a torrent of jokes and mockery, and even inspired various merchandise. ‘Ivesssapology’ was in a recent tweet by Trump’s personal attorney Giuliani, who referred to, and apparently refused to apologize for, reposting a doctored video of Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi appearing to talk with a slur.

The tweet went viral as do most of Hillary’s attacks on Trump, but it left many puzzled by the joke and prompted a number Scrabble pictures to remind 2016 Democratic party candidate of the states where she failed. 

Clinton’s supporters applauded her mastery of “shade,” or dissing at your opponent.

The former Secretary of State has been touring Texas to get support for her party, not missing an opportunity to attack Trump.

On Saturday she bashed the president for retweeting a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi, calling it “sexist trash.”

“But it is also a sign that Trump is running scared,” she told a crowd in Houston, Texas.