COA: 75% of amount specified in contract between PTV, Teo-led tourism department visited show of Ben Tulfo, her brother

COA: 75% of amount specified in contract between PTV, Teo-led tourism department visited show of Ben Tulfo, her brother

The Senate blue ribbon panel held a hearing on the controversial advertisement placement deal between your Department of Tourism, led by Wanda Teo then, and PT4, tuesday on, Aug. 14. The contract allowed for the keeping tourism advertisements in Kilos Pronto, a scheduled program run by Teo’s brother Ben Tulfo./Meanne Corvera/Eagle News/

By Meanne Corvera
Eagle News Service

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Seventy-five percent of the total amount specified in the contract between your Department of Tourism then-led by Wanda Teo and PTV4 visited Bitag Media Unlimited Inc., the ongoing company of her brother Ben Tulfo.

This is in accordance with Norma Aquino, supervising auditor of the Commission on Audit, on Tuesday who appeared prior to the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing the problem, Aug. 14.

Since BMUI received P89.87 million of the contract worth P120 million, Aquino said the MOA between PTV and DOT “showed a possible conflict of interest..”

But in accordance with PTV4, it didn’t have the entire amount the contract was worth as the DOT no more paid them the fifth tranche after news of the controversial contract broke.

PTV President Dino Antonio Apolonio said predicated on documents, PTV received P95,625,000 from the DOT.

Of the total amount, P75,061,000 visited Bitag, which he said PTV only earned P19.8 million.

“During that right time, ang nasa pag-iisip namin kailangan ng PTV ng revenue. We have been very influenced by revenues we earn,” he said.

No ratings

But Senator Richard Gordon, panel chair, noted that Tulfo’s program had not been rating.

Apolonio noted, however, that “napasama ang Kilos Pronto dahil format sa.”

“E besides putting the commercial dots of DOT, we have been creating a travel show for DOT also. Kung pababayaan na mag-umpisa ang travel show baka hindi magkaroon ng traction,” he said.

Tulfo reiterated the contract was also aboveboard and legal also.

“Wala akong kaugnayan sa kapatid ko ho. Hindi ako lumapit sa kaniyang opisina,” he said.

As for Teo, she said she didn’t know that it had been her brother who was simply running “Kilos Pronto.”

She said “all I understand is his Bitag.”

To which Gordon replied: “Hindi niyo alam na may programa ang kapatid niyo na Kilos Pronto?”

“Hindi po. Wala po kasi akong time manood,” Teo replied.

But in accordance with Apolonio, the original contract originated from the DOT itself, unlike Teo’s allegations it originated from PTV.

Senators not convinced

Senators weren’t convinced there is no conspiracy.

“Sa tingin ko might liability. Tama ang sinabi ng COA. May liability lahat ng sinabi ng COA…Liability for Tulfo, PTV4, the rest of the people pero it goes since it falls down,” Gordon said.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV agreed.

“Sabi mo hindi mo alam na napunta sa mga kapatid mo, subukan mo yang gamitin sa Korte. Humanap na kayo ng ibang legal defense. Swak na swak, pasok na pasok kayo sa Bitag,” Trillanes  said.

The panel is slated to summon actor Cesar Montano, former head of the Tourism Promotions Board so he is able to explain the anomalous Buhay Carinderia campaign worth P80 million allegedly.

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