Cocaine found in UK Houses of Parliament spots only accessible to MPs & pass holders

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Evidence of cocaine use has been found in four out of nine locations tested in areas only accessible with a pass throughout the Houses of Parliament, the central workplace for UK politicians, according to an undercover probe.

Tests were conducted by a VICE journalist, using a simple cocaine testing kit, consisting of pale pink wipes that turn blue on a positive reading.

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Traces of cocaine were discovered in several locations, with the largest amount detected in a toilet opposite the ‘Strangers’ Bar.’ This venue is only accessible to MPs and their invited guests, accredited parliamentary journalists and high-ranking public officials.

There, I found a huge amount of cocaine residue – so much so that a good deal of the swab turned blue.

Cocaine was also detected at the Woolsack, previously the Sports and Social Club Bar, one of several bars in the Palace of Westminster, as well as in two male toilets near the personal offices of MPs.

The investigation was prompted by recent admissions of past drug use by Tory leadership candidates. Environment Secretary Michael Gove revealed that he had taken cocaine at several social events as a journalist before he entered politics, while former House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsom confessed to smoking weed at university.

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The confessions among top Tories didn’t end there. Dominic Raab admitted smoking cannabis in college, Rory Stewart confessed to smoking opium at a wedding in Iran 15 years ago, and Jeremy Hunt said he had sampled a cannabis lassi while backpacking in India.

Boris Johnson, the favorite to become Theresa May’s successor as UK prime minister, admitted over a decade ago that he tried cocaine and cannabis as a student.

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