Concern Halloween-themed fentanyl could travel to Kenora

, Concern Halloween-themed fentanyl could travel to Kenora, TravelWireNews | World News, TravelWireNews | World News

Kids and parents are being advised to be extra cautious when sorting through their Halloween candy stash.

Community safety and media relations officer Const. Ronni Grosenick said there has not been any seizures or reports of fentanyl blotters in the Kenora area after six blotters stamped with a witch pattern were seized in Winnipeg last week. She added that there’s always a concern for the potential of illegal drugs travelling through Kenora.

“We always warn parents and young people to examine candy before eating it,” she said.

According to a Winnipeg Police Services press release, officers seized six fentanyl blotters on Friday, Oct. 27, along with approximately $1,800 in cash, 11 grams of methamphetamine, numerous capsules containing an unknown white powder, bear spray and various pieces of personal identification.

One man was detained in custody and two men and one woman were charged and released on a promise to appear in court.

“Investigators believe that there may be similar fentanyl blotters in existence within the city,” said the related public safety advisory. “Given the nature of the blotters, and the close timing of Halloween, the WPS is advising caution should the public encounter any of these items, which appear to be harmless pieces of paper.”

Public information officer Const. Jay Murray said the advisory is intended for the city of Winnipeg, but could also apply to nearby muncipalities like Kenora or Brandon.

“I don’t think we’ve received any information to indicate that it’s going to travel to Kenora, but I think like any kind of narcotic, we have no idea how the narcotics will move.”

The blotters are considered extremely dangerous and not to be handled. The public is asked to call 911 if any blotters are located.

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