Coping with climate change: Engage SUN

Coping with climate change: Engage SUN


SUN – the particular Strong Universal Network – is really a new movement to respond to existential climate change and supports the particular intensifying 2050 carbon targets from the Paris Agreement.   It is a heritage of the late Maurice Strong, the particular visionary who led many traditional sustainable development initiatives, including the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. He was obviously a champion of climate resilience plus green travel.

We have been spearheading SUN to underscore the fact of climate change and the essential of rapid, continuous response.

We advocate Impact-Travel – with green growth at the core; many impacts measured for sustainable administration and long-range, local development extremely important. But our focus in the changing myriad of sustainable development goals (SDG) targets will be climate resilience.

We are developing an out-of-the-box, solar-powered, web-connected support system that each community can readily access, in order to shape climate adaptation through Impact-Travel. The global center will launch within 2017 in the Hoge Kempen Nationwide Park in Belgium, linked to Hasselt University’ s Science Research Device.   We will expand the system to cover all UN regions within 2018, with global deployment designed for 2020.

Our facilities and national nodes will become a brand new source of climate resilience facts, delivering presentations, analytics, and innovation, with an focus on universities and national parks.

SUN is supported plus managed by a Belgian Green Development & Travelism Institute (GGTI) using a small management team and likeminded committed partners around the world. It has been borrowed by its founders to start upward.

For more information, visit thesunprogram. com

The author, Professor Geoffrey Lipman, is the co-founder of SUNLIGHT and President of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP), the travel and tourism coalition associated with global destinations committed to quality program and green growth. For more information and also to become a member of ICTP for free, visit ictp. travel .

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