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Crisis: It is time for Qatar to decide

Qatari has to decide whether to maintain Arab national security or jeopardise it, says Egyptian Foreign Minister

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CAIRO: Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri has said that the ball is now in the Qatari court, and that it has to choose between maintaining the Arab national security, or continuing to undermine it in favour of external forces.

Mohammad Bin Rashid poem urges Qatar to ‘return to GCC’

This stalemate remains as ultimatum of 10 days given to Qatar by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt to respond to the demands nears its end, he said.

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Accept demands or it’s goodbye Qatar

Riyadh: Qatar demands non-negotiable

“Qatar must choose clearly and without any ambiguity, whether to be a party that protects and safeguards the Arab national security, as well as maintains the stability and capabilities of the Arab countries, or to continue its failed attempt to destabilise the region, undermine the Arab national security in favour of external powers or rogue groups rejected by the Arab communities and peoples,” Shukri was quoted as saying by the Egyptian official news agency, Middle East News Agency.