CTB and private sector book another success in Colombia, placing Curaçao center and front to visit Agents

CTB and private sector book another success in Colombia, placing Curaçao center and front to visit Agents

WILLEMSTAD – Recently the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) as well as partners in the private sector held several educational sessions for travel companies in Medellíbogot&aacute and n;, Colombia. A large percentage of visitors from Colombia, are from both of these cities. Currently Desayuno, !Caravana Colombia Más Cerca 2018¡over 48% of our Colombian visitors are from Bogotá, while 22% are from Medellín.

CTB’s target would be to continue steadily to focus its marketing efforts on both of these cities to attract more Colombian tourists to Curaçao. In close partnership with the private sector, CTB is executing a number of effective promotional activities in Medellín and Bogotá through advertising such as for example; newspaper, billboards, TV, radio, cinema complexes, online, social media marketing, and more. Besides these promotional activities, you should stimulate and educate our trade partners; TRAVEL COMPANIES, Airlines and tour-operators for Curaç ao to stay top of mind at fine times.

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Firma del acuerdo de cooperación y trabajo de las oficinas de tCTB’s latest Curaçao promotional Roadshow (Caravana Promocional) included a meeting for 85 TRAVEL COMPANIES and 35 Wholesalers at ‘Hotel Viaggio’ of Medellín. The delegation members, comprising partners and CTB from the private sector, also provided a half-day Cena Restaurante Centrico - !Caravana Colombia Más Cerca 2018¡sales work out at the primary reservation center of Avianca. The delegation travelled to Bogotá, with an interactive breakfast session with 24 press members that was accompanied by ‘negotiation sessions’ with over 60 wholesalers at the Bioxury Hotel over a Curaçao themed, colorful luncheon. This event led to a small number of publicity in the press concerning the islands’ ambitious goals and plans.

Andre Rojer - Oficina de Turismo de CurazaoTwo other Travel Agent events in Bogotá at the favorite ‘El Céntrico’ and ‘Club Colombia’ were well visited with over 350 TRAVEL COMPANIES for the Curaçnight ao. At these events, each table of TRAVEL COMPANIES received an opportunity to present among Curaçao’ unique selling points inCena Restaurante Colombia - ¡Caravana Colombia Más Cerca 2018! a quarter-hour. TRAVEL COMPANIES went far beyond in creativity, music, acting, dressing and colors because of their possiblity to win their prize to Curaçao.

CTB is happy with the results of the Curaçao Roadshow in Medellín and Bogotá and thanks all partners involved being, Acoya Curaçao Resort Villas & Spa, Avila Beach Hotel, Hilton Curaçao, Kura Hulanda Village & Lodge, Lions Dive and Beach Resort, Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort, Papagayo Beach Resort, Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, Sunscape Curaçao Resort Spa & Casino. Aside from the hotels, fiesta Tours also, Avianca, Copa Airlines and the Flying Dutch EDM Festival joined the Curaçao promotional events.

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