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Deadly train derailment in Manitoba, Canada

Arctic Gateway Gro confirmed a derailment occurred at 6:15 p approximately.m. on Saturday, September 15th, near Ponton, Manitoba in Canada.

Ponton is approximately 145 miles southwest of Thompson and approximately 545 miles northwest of Winnipeg. As well as the Arctic Gateway Group personnel who attended at the website of the derailment, multiple emergency services agencies, like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, local fire health insurance and department authorities, and a hazardous materials-handling team, were assisted and dispatched in efforts to react to the incident.

The Arctic Gateway Group is cooperating with the emergency services teams on site and can also be conducting a complete internal review to look for the reason behind the derailment.

Sadly, among our employees focusing on the locomotive has been confirmed by authorities as deceased. Another employee has sustained serious injuries and contains been airlifted to hospital. The RCMP is along the way of notifying the grouped families. The Arctic Gateway Group will undoubtedly be also be making direct connection with members of the family and our employees and communities in the coming days once we all try to deal with this tragedy.

The train that derailed had three locomotives and many dozen railcars, a few of that have been carrying liquefied petroleum. At this right time, predicated on information we’ve received, we think that none of the railcars has been compromised. The Arctic Gateway Group is closely monitoring this example very, and we’ve been advised that truth be told there does not seem to be any significant environmental danger to nearby areas caused by the derailment.

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The Arctic Gateway Group’s internal investigation in to the circumstances of the derailment will run in parallel with the investigations of the RCMP along with other relevant emergency services. Murad Al-Katib, the elected president and CEO of AGT Foods, among the partners of the Arctic Gateway Group, today will undoubtedly be on the floor. “With respect to the complete Arctic Gateway Group, and our employees, our hearts venture out to the grouped groups of these dedicated employees”, said Mr. Al-Katib. “We’ve said repeatedly that people won’t compromise speed for safety which is really a stark reminder for all of us once we repair the northern portion of the rail line to Churchill.”

Senior members of AGT’s Mobil rail team are also dispatched to the website of the derailment to become listed on the Superintendent of the Hudson Bay Railway who has been present at the scene of the derailment since yesterday evening.

Murad Al-Katib will undoubtedly be ending up in the groups of the individuals involved with this incident. He’ll also be ending up in municipal authorities in The Pas and Thompson, alongside federal and provincial authorities, so as to coordinate a highly effective response. Grief counselling for several employees and their own families is being offered together with our community and First Nations partners.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the groups of those mixed up in accident, sufficient reason for our employees. We thank each of the first responders and emergency services workers which have assisted in the original reaction to this incident, and we remain focused on cooperating with one of these emergency services teams and all the stakeholders to supply information and support in the wake of the tragic incident.