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Donald Trump’s Portsmouth visit will be ‘huge’ for tourism, say experts

PRESIDENT Trump’s arrival in Portsmouth for the D-Day 75 commemorations could be a major boost for the city’s economy.

Experts say that the city can expect a large influx of tourism ahead of the event, which has already proven popular with American visitors in the past.

US president Donald Trump. Picture: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

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James Daly, the D-Day Story’s collections researcher, says that president Trump’s visit will put a global spotlight on Portsmouth’s commemorations.

He said: ‘It’s clear that we will have global attention, which is a sign of just how big Portsmouth’s D-Day event is.

‘It’s a reflection of the role the city played in D-Day itself; this was an event where a number of countries had an involvement in Portsmouth’s operation, including the United States.’

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Following the announcement, Mr Daly says a huge influx of tourism is to be expected.

‘I think it’s going to be huge for tourism in Portsmouth,’ he said.

‘We always get a lot of American tourists for the major anniversary events, so we’re expecting that to be even bigger this time around.’

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Ross McNally, executive chairman of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, the the benefits from Trump’s visit will span from finance to recognition of the city’s naval heritage. 

‘It is great news that president Donald Trump will be including a visit to Portsmouth marking the 75th Anniversary D-Day commemorations as part of his 3-day state visit,’ he said.

‘It will of course provide a valuable boost to the economy of the city, but most importantly it is an appropriate recognition of our naval heritage and honours the bravery and sacrifices of D-Day veterans.’