Drivers must pass psychological tests to transport passengers in Dubai

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RTA develops manual to be followed by institutes from October 1

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has developed a psychological and linguistic tests manual for drivers who will be engaged in passenger transport activities in Dubai.

It will be distributed to institutes undertaking drivers’ psychological and linguistic course tests as well as others interested in contracting with the RTA for qualifying those drivers in the emirate.

Such entities have to comply with the provisions of the manual upon assuming that role as of October this year.

“The introduction of this manual is part of the RTA’s efforts to chart out standards for qualifying institutes providing training to passenger transport drivers as well as others interested in contracting with the RTA in this regard in future,” said Abdullah Ebrahim Al Meer, director of Drivers Affairs, RTA Public Transport Agency.

“Such institutes have to comply with the specifications set in delivering the optimal technique for conducting linguistic and psychological tests of drivers dedicated to the transportation of passengers. The move contributes to the realisation of the RTA’s vision: Safe and Smooth Transport for All, and enhances customer satisfaction, particularly tourists, through the deployment of competent and knowledgeable drivers,” he said.

“Clearing those tests is part of the requirements for registration in the basic programmes provided by Drivers Affairs Department. The specifications provided for in the manual shall be adhered to as of October 1, 2017 to refine drivers’ selection process and align it with the RTA’s third strategy (People’s Happiness). It ensures improved quality and efficient service; which in turn will step up customers’ satisfaction.

“The manual also cements the partnership between the public and private sectors, which is a strategic objective sought by the RTA to enhance its service offering to all community segments. Bringing happiness to customers is a top priority for the RTA and concurs with the drive advocated by our government,” added Al Meer.