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Dubai Police arrest con artist

Dubai: Dubai Police arrested a con man who bilked an unsuspecting businessman of Dh250,000 in a black money scam, a police official said.

Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said an Asian businessman reported that he was conned by a fraudster hailing from an African country who claimed that he had millions of dollars and wanted an amount of money to buy a liquid that erases the black paint from the dollar bills.

“The fraudster contacted the businessman claiming that he found his contact on Facebook account and that he is an African merchant who want to invest in wood business in the UAE. When they met, he told him that he has $4 million in his hotel room and then lured him with the black money scam to obtain Dh250,000 from the businessman,” Maj-Gen Al Mansouri said.

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Colonel Salah Bu Osaiba, director of the Anti-Economic Crimes Department of Dubai Police, said the fraudster dropped unknown liquid on black banknotes and changed them to real dollar bills [to convince the victim], and then asked for money to buy the liquid to erase the black colour of the banknotes.

“The fraudster asked him for Dh250,000 in order to buy the liquid promising that he will give him back Dh500,000. After the businessman gave the money to the African suspect, he switched of his phone and escaped and the Asian businessman contacted the police,” Col Bu Osaiba said.

Police identified the suspect’s location who had entered the country on a visit visa and he confessed to committing the fraud.

Police have referred the African suspect to the Dubai Public Prosecution after charging him with theft and fraud.

Police urged residents, especially businessmen, to guard against such scams and inform police immediately if they are contacted by suspicious people.