Duffer Brothers accused of verbally abusing women on 'Stranger Things' set

Duffer Brothers accused of verbally abusing women on 'Stranger Things' set
The alleged abuses occurred on the set of ‘Stranger Things.’

Image: Netflix

Until now, most of the #MeToo and Time’s Up stories have fallen into the category of sexual harassment, assault, rape, or pay inequity. But the latest allegations have broadened the scope to call out other abuses of power that make sets such hostile work environments for women.

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Matt and Ross Duffer, creators and showrunners of  Stranger Things, have been accused of verbally abusing multiple women on the Netflix set — allegedly to the point where some were even driven to quit. A grip from Season 1, Peyton Brown, told her story in an Instagram post on Thursday celebrating International Women’s Day.

In it, she explained to her  more than 13,000 followers why she would not be returning to work on the set of Stranger Things 3.

“I personally witnessed two men in high positions of power on that set seek out and verbally abuse multiple women. I promised myself that if I were ever in a situation to say something that I would,” she wrote. “I stand with my sisters.”

While the comment section on the post has since been hidden, Entertainment Weekly reported and provided screenshots of Brown confirming that she was referring to the Duffer Brothers when a user asked. 

“There was yelling, there were insults, there were threats and people were even fired or forced to quit because of them,” she detailed in response to another commenter asking about the verbal abuse. The comment has since been deleted, but was preserved in a screenshot published by Entertainment Weekly. 

There is little other detail available on the situation, and the allegations have not been investigated or verified. Mashable reached out to Netflix, Brown, and a representative of the Duffer Brothers for comment. But none have made statements since the post surfaced.

Production on the next season of Stranger Things was scheduled to resume soon, with a 2019 release date in mind.

“Women in the film industry are POWERFUL. We will rise and we will scream from mountain tops in support of each other and I will not contribute my time, efforts, and talent to such abusive people,” Brown wrote in the Instagram post. 

“This industry is no longer led by a ‘few good men,’ but instead by an OCEAN of ASTOUNDING WOMEN. Enough is enough. For my sisters- Time is up.”

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