Durian mask singer targeted to promote durians

Durian mask singer targeted to promote durians

The Durian mask is on the Commerce Ministry’s radar to promote what he wears. (Photo from Workpoint Entertainment Plc)

The Commerce Ministry is riding on a mega-hit singing contest with an idea to convince the winning “Durian mask” singer to promote the fruit.

Deputy Commerce Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong said on Wednesday officials have entered negotiations with Workpoint Entertainment Plc executives to seek their permission to allow the Durian mask singer in the Mask Singer TV programme to promote the fruit.

“The ministry would like to use the Durian mask singer as a presenter because this year’s campaign is focused on the fruit,” he said.

The ministry on Wednesday held talks with traders, fruit farmers and provincial officials from Chanthaburi to moot a plan to turn the eastern provinces into “the Fruit Capital of Asia”.

At the centre of the fruit capital is the promotion of durian, as the fruit is popular among local consumers and foreigners, he added.

The Durian mask singer has won the contest in its first year, beating the Crow mask in the decider.

The programme on Workpoint channel turned into a hugely popular show, with higher ratings than those of soap operas, which normally dominate the evening prime time. It is formatted after the King of Mask Singer aired in South Korea.

The suspense involving who is behind each mask glues viewers to TVs. A losing contestant has to unveil the mask. A panel of the commentators and viewers in the studio vote who is in and out from the first to final rounds.

The Durian mask went all the way to the final stage and was eventually crowned the champion after a duel with the Crow mask.

The face behind the Durian mask was “Tom Room39“, whose real name is Itsara Kidnitchee, the band’s lead singer.

His victory was not a surprise as all commentators in the panel unanimously picked him to be the man behind the fruit mask.

It remains uncertain whether the Durian mask will embark on his new mission to promote the fruit that brought him success in the contest.

But the deputy minister was optimistic.

“The negotiation is still on and I don’t expect any problems,” Mr Sontirat said.

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