Dusit Silpakorn and International University to preserve heritage of dusit Thani Bangkok

Dusit Silpakorn and International University to preserve heritage of dusit Thani Bangkok

Dusit International, among Thailand’s leading hotel and property development companies, has partnered with Silpakorn University to launch a distinctive project to preserve the rich architectural and artistic heritage of the company’s iconic flagship hotel, Dusit Thani Bangkok, year within a landmark mixed-use development which is redeveloped next.

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Officially;Preserving Dusit Thani Bangkok’s Artistic Heritage,’ the project will dsicover preservation experts from Silpakorn University identify carefully, document, dismantle and preserve key components of historical or artistic value in the house for used in the brand new version of the hotel, that is slated to open in 2023. Data and photographs of the project may also be presented in an electronic book for individuals who wish to find out about the initial building.
Opened in 1970, Dusit Thani Bangkok can be an early exemplar of contemporary Thai architecture which distinctively blends western modernism with traditional Thai design. Inspired by the fantastic pagoda of Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), the initial structure has long drawn the eye of architecture students impressed by its convention-defying form, which heralded a fresh era of development in Bangkok.

The hotel’s interior is lauded because of its rich artistic heritage also. The Thai murals and motifs that adorn the columns and walls of the hotel’s signature Thai restaurant, Benjarong, for instance, were hand-painted by Paiboon Suwannakudt, referred to as Tan Kudt famously, a neo-traditional Thai painter who was simply an integral figure in the present day reinvigoration of Thai mural painting. His intricate paintings and murals will undoubtedly be preserved for used in the brand new Dusit Thani Bangkok carefully. Benjarong’s carved timber ceiling will undoubtedly be carefully dismantled for used in the brand new hotel also.

Silpakorn’s experts will study the hotel&rsquo also;s distinctive landscaping, the renowned waterfall garden particularly, which gives a serene and leafy escape in the center of the populous city. Prize trees will be documented and preserved whenever you can.

The ‘Preserving Dusit Thani Bangkok’s Artistic Heritage’ project premiered at a press conference held at Dusit Thani Bangkok&rsquo officially;s Napalai Room. Speaking at the function, Mr Chanin Donavanik, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Dusit International, said, “My mother, Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui, believed in Thailand&rsquo always;s potential to become among the world’s most successful holiday destinations, and she believed the ultimate way to put Bangkok on the map, and support the kingdom’s growth in this regard, is always to develop a distinctive hotel that complied with international standards while showcasing the best possible areas of Thai culture. Dusit Thani Bangkok may be the total consequence of this vision, and the building’s unique design, décor and artworks are representative of a time of great change in the united kingdom indeed. With the hotel now going to undergo a substantial change for a fresh era of tourism, we wish to preserve as much components of sentimental and historical value as you possibly can. I really believe our past may be the inspiration for a sustainable future, and I’m delighted we’re able to partner with Silpakorn University because of this unique project.”

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Assoc. Prof. Sayumporn Kasornsuwan, Vice President for Culture and Art, Silpakorn University, said, “Dusit Thani Bangkok is a superb learning centre for all those thinking about the development of art, architecture and culture in Thailand, and we have been happy that Dusit really wants to preserve the main element historical components of its flagship hotel for posterity. Lecturers from faculties such as for example archaeology, architecture, painting, sculpture and graphic arts, along with the university’s Art partners and Centre, will be involved with this project heavily. While it will demand significant amounts of time certainly, finance and effort, Dusit is set to purchase the preservation of its heritage. It really is an honour to be a part of this project.”

Asst. Prof. Chawalit Khaokiew of the Faculty of Archeology, Silpakorn University, said, “This project includes three parts. First, we will perform the preservation work that covers the carvings, murals and paintings in Benjarong Restaurant, in addition to valuable the different parts of the hotel’s exterior. This involves an integration of disciplines such as for example painting, engineering, archaeology and architecture. Second, we will study the hotel’s architecture, landscaping and different historical artworks to make a scale model showcasing every one of the building’s important elements. Third, we shall help promote the architectural value of the hotel via an exhibition of paintings by National Artists Sarawut Duangjampa and Panya Wijinthanasarn, and 18 acclaimed painters. Throughout December until January 5th this exhibition will undoubtedly be staged at the hotel. Information collected through the entire entire research and preservation process will undoubtedly be compiled in an electronic book to be distributed to the general public.”

Ms Suphajee Suthumpun, Group CEO, Dusit International, said, “It’s an honour to work closely with Silpakorn University to document the rich tapestry of Dusit Thani Bangkok in its transitional period. Silpakorn University is really a time-honoured institution that sticks out in neuro-scientific art and culture and in preserving and promoting the artistic and cultural heritage of the kingdom. This joint effort aims to preserve meaningful memories of the hotel and bring them alive once again within the next four years once the new Dusit Thani Bangkok opens its doors. Hopefully that the artefacts we preserve will generate a warm atmosphere that delights new guests seeking new, impressive experiences, in addition to regular guests who’ve an emotional attachment to the initial hotel.”

day of operations in its current form on 5 January 2019

Dusit Thani Bangkok will hold its last full.

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