Dutch couple bring tulips to Italy at “pick your own” farm

Dutch couple bring tulips to Italy at “pick your own” farm


Dutch couple Edwin Koeman and Nitsuje Wolanios walk through the first Italian tulip field they planted to recreate the tradition in the Netherlands where you can pick your own tulip, in Cornaredo, near Milan, Italy, Wednesday, March 29, 2017. © AP

A Dutch couple have brought a taste of the Netherlands to Italy by planting tulips just outside Milan.

The couple have planted 183 different varieties of the popular flower. Their farm is the first of its kind in Italy and has already attracted thousands of visitors. To enter the field, each visitor must pay for two tulips amounting to 3 euros.

But most people can’t resist and go home with a nice colorful bouquet. The one-hectare field will produce a total of over 250,000 tulips, but the flowers only bloom over a three-week period, depending on their variety.

The couple say the region is hot and sunny, making it wonderful for the flowers to grow, but more difficult for the bulbs to be viable. The farm will remain open for three to four weeks and over 25,000 people are expected to visit.


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