East Aurora resident, author appears on Travel Channel show

East Aurora resident, author appears on Travel Channel show



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An East Aurora resident known for his knowledge of the supernatural is sharing his experience on working with the Travel Channel. Author Mason Winfield sat down with crews filming an episode of “Mysteries at the Museum,” which aired on Jan. 4 and will air again on Jan. 25.

The episode, Winfield said, features the Ebenezer Museum in West Seneca, along with a glimpse into the alternative religious communities of Western New York.

“It’s going to be a presentation and examination that touches upon the subject of Iroquois magic, a local haunting, and a sort of a fundamentalists breakaway Christian community,” he said.

Winfield said he was contacted by the crew after writing about the museum.

“[The crew] tracked me down, and the people at Ebenezer knew how to find me, and that’s how it started.”

He said that while he has been on television several times in the past, he especially enjoyed his time with the crew of this special, noting that they had a similar sense of humor to his.

“I’m being interviewed on camera in this one room, and at one point, they’re asking me questions like “What’s a witch?” and “What defines a witch?” He added that his first thought was of an old Monty Python sketch, where an angry mob dresses a woman up as a witch and tries to convince a knight to burn her at the stake.

“And I go ‘a duck’ like right out of Monty Python,” he said laughing. Winfield said that’s when he heard one of the show’s producers quoting lines from the sketch.

Winfield added that one of his favorite parts of doing these types of interviews is meeting people, saying there is always a lot of laughter.

Despite his brief encounter with fame, Winfield remains humble. “I’m not sure I’ve been on the Travel Channel before, so it’s nice to get one more,” he said. But he adds, “My ambitions for myself and my life and my work in the world are a lot different than getting on national TV.”

While he was unsure exactly how the episode would play out, Winfield said he hopes people have a deeper appreciation for Western New York and its unique culture after seeing the episode. “I hope they come away with an increased respect and appreciation for the Iroquois nation, specifically the Seneca who lived around here.”

The episode is scheduled to re-air at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan 25, on the Travel Channel.

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