Easy Israel Tours, Perth, Australia

Easy Israel Tours, Perth, Australia


Easy Israel Tours are small, specialized tours lead by physiotherapist, Trish Duke. They are designed for people who are ‘physically challenged’ in any way and could not keep up with the regular, fast-paced tours. Minimal steps, walking and standing means that participants can enjoy the sites without discomfort and fatigue.

Trish also escorts small tours to the Dead Sea for people with psoriasis and arthritis to benefit from unique treatments of Dead Sea water, sulphur pools and safe sunbathing without harmful UVA rays. Patients need two weeks to gain full health benefits and can learn more at www.MyHealingHoliday.com

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Trish Duke

International tour leaders who cater for seniors or ‘physically challenged’ travellers will be welcome to link with me on both websites. Please contact me.

I would like to explore how I can do Joint Ventures with other tour leaders who specialize in helping physically challenged travellers to see places that they would not normally be able to enjoy.

Click here to read the full information free of charge.

More information on the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) including complimentary membership visit www.ictp.travel 

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