Ecuador capitalizes on recognition of vacation domain name

Ecuador capitalizes on recognition of vacation domain name


Ecuador is located on the equatorial line within northwestern South America, bordering the Pacific cycles Ocean to the west, Colombia towards the north, and Peru to the south plus east. Ecuador is the eighth biggest country in South America, at approximately the size of the US state of The state of nevada. Ecuador is 283, 561 sq . kilometers in size and has a very varied geography. Ecuador has four physical regions: The Andes (La Sierra), the Amazon Rainforest (El Oriente), La Costa (The Coast), as well as the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Islands are located around 1, 500 kilometers west of mainland Ecuador. The volcanic islands have a subtropical climate and are marked by seashores and forests. During the Galá pagos Islands’ dry season, which operates from June to December, the elements is cooler and windier. Through October to May, the weather is definitely warmer and there is frequently lighting rain. The coast runs across the west coast and features lower mountains, valleys, plains, mangroves, streams, and rainforests. The coast includes a tropical climate, and is hot plus humid. The coast is gloomy, cooler, and dry from Might to December, and hotter plus rainier from January to Apr.

The Andes area, or central highlands, lying involving the western coastal lowlands and the far eastern jungles, consists of mountain ranges, foothills, and valleys. The two sides from the Andes, the Western and Far eastern Andes contain 60 volcanoes by having an average altitude of 7, 500 feet, covering a distance associated with 400 km from the northern towards the southern Andes. This is called the “ Avenue of the Volcanoes. ” Because of the altitude, the Andes region offers cool, spring-like weather, with a lot of sunshine.

Temperatures differ throughout the day. The highlands are cloudy and wet during the rainy time of year (October-May), and drier, with moderate showers, common in the afternoon, throughout the dry season (June-September). The Amazon . com region is east of the Andes, and it borders Colombia and Peru, and contains part of the Amazon rainforest, along with rivers and rolling jungles.

Three active volcanoes can be found in Ecuador’ s Amazon jungle: Sangay, Reventador and Sumaco. This is actually the only country where three energetic volcanoes are located inside the Amazon jungle, The Amazon is hot plus humid, and receives a significant quantity of rainfall year-round. The Amazon could be the wettest from June to Aug. Ecuador uses the US dollar as the currency. Natural landscapes make up a number of the land mass— the Amazon . com alone takes up about 50% from the land area.

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