Ecuador: mega-diverse country for travel

Ecuador: mega-diverse country for travel


Ecuador is perhaps one of the most mega-diverse countries for each square kilometer on the planet. In relation to the surface, Ecuador holds the greatest quantity of species of plants and animals in the world. At latitude 0 degrees in the center of the world, shadows disappear in the existence of the mid-day sun. It is a location where everything feels close plus where each region is a various world, from the Galapagos Islands towards the Pacific Coast, to the Andes Highlands and the Amazon Rainforest.

Ecuador’ s key travel and leisure products are eco-tourism, adventure travel and leisure, and cultural tourism. Here, tourists journey through a life-changing experience that will generates personal growth and get them to better human beings. As far as city living, Quito, is filled with bright azure skies and art, and has the largest best preserved colonial middle of Latin America fused having a modern and contemporary city. Museums, churches, convents, parks, skyscrapers, plus town squares captivate visitors through all over the world.

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Named after Pichincha and surrounded by powerful eco-friendly mountains, visitors may observe fourteen volcanoes with over 4, 1000 meters of altitude from various places of the city. The capital plus political center of Ecuador was your first city named by UNESCO as a World Heritage site within 1978, and was the winner as the greatest destination of South America. Ecuador utilizes the. travel domain to gain that will instant brand recognition.

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