Egypt: Didier Reynders Recalls the Travel Advice for Sinai (Egypt)

Egypt: Didier Reynders Recalls the Travel Advice for Sinai (Egypt)

press release

Brussels — Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders recalls that the travel advice of the FPS Foreign Affairs advises against travels to the north and the south of Sinai, with the exception of the hotel area around Sharm el Sheikh, the Sinai being a very instable zone. Travelling to other coastal areas of the Red Sea is not advised against, but in view of the serious terrorist threat throughout Egypt, increased vigilance is recommended, including in touristic zones. It is therefore reminded not to leave these hotel areas.

The Crisis Center of the FPS Foreign Affairs follows the security situation very closely with our diplomatic posts on site and with local authorities. Based on the information obtained and if necessary, our travel advice will be adapted. The Crisis Center and our diplomatic posts are also in contact with our European partners who, until further notice, do not modify their advice following recent recommendations from Israeli authorities to their nationals.

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SOURCE Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Belgium