Egypt’s ex-top auditor ‘arrested’

Cairo: Hesham Genena, Egypt’s former chief auditor and an aide to an excluded presidential hopeful, was arrested on Tuesday from his house in the suburb of New Cairo and led for questioning, his lawyer Ali Taha added in a statement.

Genena’s daughter Nada said military police had participated in his arrest and he was taken for questioning by military prosecutors.

“The security force did not search the house. They showed my father the arrest warrant and quietly allowed him to bring a bag of clothes with him before leaving,” she told private newspaper Al Masry Al Youm.

There was no immediate official comment.

Genena’s arrest comes a day after he said in an interview that ex-chief of army staff Sami Annan, an excluded presidential contender, holds secret documents allegedly exposing state officials.

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Annan was a senior official in the military council that ruled Egypt after the 2011 revolt that forced long-time president Hosni Mubarak out of power. Annan served as the chief of the military staff until 2012 when he was sacked by then president Mohammad Mursi.

Last month, Annan was barred from running in Egypt’s March presidential elections after the army summoned him for interrogation for announcing his intention to stand for president without permission in violation of military rules. The army also accused Annan of inciting people against the military establishment.

Genena was a legal aide in Annan’s shorted-lived presidential campaign.

The army said Monday it will take legal steps against both Annan and Genena over the latter’s claim that the ex-army general keeps anti-state documents.

Earlier this month, Genena, 62, was injured in an alleged kidnapping attempt.