Eight Egyptian mummies uncovered in epic find at ancient site (PHOTOS)

Eight Egyptian mummies uncovered in epic find at ancient site (PHOTOS)

Archaeologists excavating a pyramid complex south of Cairo, Egypt have made a phenomenal bulk discovery: eight ancient mummies dating back to over 2,300 years.

Announcing the fascinating find, Egypt‘s Ministry of Antiquities revealed that eight coffins have been uncovered in the southeastern section of King Amenemhat II’s pyramid in Dahshur Necropolis.

The mummies, three which are in good shape, date from the Late Amount of ancient Egypt and so are “covered with a layer of painted cartonnage by means of a human,” the ministry said. Cartonnage is really a material used to cover mummies, created from linen or papyrus and plaster usually.

The mummies and their entombing limestone sarcophagi will eventually be placed on display at museums scheduled for tourist resort hubs like Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

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The Dahshur complex is a fascinating site for archaeological excavation because of its reputation as a resting place for kings and royals. This past year the remains of an Egyptian pyramid built some 3,700 years were uncovered ago.

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