Embassy issues Indonesia travel advisory for UAE…

Embassy issues Indonesia travel advisory for UAE…

The UAE Embassy in Jakarta has issued an advisory to its citizens residing or visiting the Indonesian capital. 

“The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Indonesia would like to warn all citizens and residents in Jakarta to be cautious and maintain distance from the city centre.

“This especially applies to the Monas area in Central Jakarta, as there will be labour day celebrations coinciding with the first of May, 2018.”  

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Jakarta Metro Police estimates nearly 40,000 labourers will stage a rally to celebrate International Labors Day or May Day on Tuesday, as reported by Netral News

The Head of Public Relations Section of Jakarta Metro Police Senior Commissioner of Police Argo Yuwono in Jakarta, said the labourers who will celebrate May Day with the theme “May Day is Fun Day” are including those from Bekasi, Depok, Bogor (West Java) and Tangerang (Banten).

The members of the national union will hold a public opinion event around the Presidential Palace, the Parliament Building Complex and the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout.

Police personnel and the Jakarta Provincial Government have provided a parking place for vehicles that transport the labors around the National Monument (Monas) in Central Jakarta.