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Ethiopia: Govt Committed to Transform Tourism

The Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO) said it is committed to transform the tourism sector through creating massive investment opportunities for developers and exploiting the untapped tourism potential of the country.

Ethiopian Tourism Organization Public and International Relations Director Getnet Yigzaw told The Ethiopian Herald that the Organization is endeavoring to attract and engage investors in the development of hotels and tourism industries in tourist destination sites.

Emphasizing that attractive investment package is arranged for investors who are interested to commence business in parks like the Semien Mountain National Parks, he added “Investors from Saudi Arabia and Israel are now showing interest to invest in the country in this regard”

The involvement of potential investors in the tourism sector would generate considerable benefits to the country and step up its economic growth. Getnet emphasized adding, the availed attractive incentives packages include grace period.

Accordingly, the nation has set a scheme to boost its tourism revenue and increase sector’s share to its Growth Domestic Product (GDP) through utilizing more from its longstanding huge natural and man-made tourist destinations.

Following investment developments, the existence of peace and stability within the country, coupled with the religious, cultural and natural wonders of the country, the tourism sector is flourishing remarkably. To facilitate an easy flow of tourism, hence, expanding tourist infrastructure is vital, he added.

The new tourism motto ‘Land of Origins’ reflects the country as the origin of humanity and it is witnessing a greater promotion on it. In this regard, ETO is doing marketing and promotion activities to boost up country’s revenue, the Director further said.

Getnet added that the Capital is a diplomatic city for Africa and a seat for over 200 diplomats. It is also the headquarter for the African Union (AU), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) as well as other regional and international organizations which makes it the third diplomatic hub in the world. “These would enable the nation to maximize its benefits from tourism industry,” Getnet elucidated.

Mentioning reports Getnet said even if Ethiopia is one of the leading countries in Africa with its tangible and intangible heritages, it has not yet gained more from the tourism industry.

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Promoting and identifying country’s tourism potential based on research; and giving much focus to supportive investments like hotels are issues that need to be well considered by all stakeholders, Getnet commented.

“The Ethiopian Tourism Transformation Council, a new task force led by Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn, has been doing its level best in the sector through facilitating ways of tapping the immense tourism potentials of the country,” he further stated.

Noting that Ethiopia has numerous historical, cultural, geographical, religious attractions he said recently, an intangible heritages such as the ‘Meskel festival’, ‘The Founding of the True Cross’, ‘Fichee-Chambalaalla’-new year festival of the Sidama people and the ‘Gada’ System, an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo people, Awash, Nech Sar, Bale Mountains, are among the leading tourist attractions and destinations in the country.

Steeped in history and ethnic diversity, Ethiopia is blessed with cultural and natural attractions. And the progressive social policies and fast growing economy are contributing to its emergence as a word class tourist destination, documents from EOT indicated.

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