Ethiopia: Hawasa Riding

Ethiopia: Hawasa Riding

Hawasa is a remarkable piece of nature’s work. The town’s spectacular views and shores of its lakes together with the peculiar landscapes and moderate weather, do not only inspire authors but the layman to pen down about the town. The capital city of the South Nation Nationalities and People’s State is not only just about the nature, it is also about its popularity of motor bikes and bicycles.

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If you feel like riding and enjoying a motor bike or bicycle, Hawassa would provide you what you are looking in the most exciting and unforgettable ways. People in Hawasa from every walks of life do ride and bike. Be it youngsters or elders, everyone in the town enjoys to bike. And if you are wondering too, Hawasa for sure is a town to try one and see how riding motor bikes and bicycles can be a fun.

The plain land cannot be more comfortable for these tiny machines. Uniquely enough, riding motor bikes is popular in the town. Riding bicycle motor is an unforgettable experience for visitors. If you are youngsters you may pedal away your excess energy. And if you are graying you will have a chance to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes of the town by hiring bikes.

To your surprise, Hawasa also seems to ensure gender equality when it comes to riding bikes. Riding those little machines is an expression of beauty and elegance for Hawasa ladies. It is frequented by lots of women on daily basis not to forget the female journalist that I encountered doing her job during my stay in the beautiful town. She told me, for Hawasa women, riding bikes is not solely about saving time or easing transportation hassle, it is also looking good, getting fit and being independent. Rumor has it, during previous times, women in the town used to ride bicycle to maintain good physical shape and posture.

The towns routes are perfect for the little engines. Ranging from the gravel alleyways to the asphalt streets, the town is a place for those looking to either test your pedaling capacity or riding skills. You may ride through the popular fish market along the lake’s shore. You may also bike around the nearby waterside Amora Gedel National Park which is mainly inhabited by monkeys. The town which is part of the Great Rift Valley has also many more man made heritages. Among others, you enjoy the ride by having a glimpse of the newly built Hawasa Industrial park and Hawasa Stadium.

Riding bikes is the best way to feel the weather and breath fresh. The wind hitting your face and weaving your hair, it is just a remarkable and unforgettable experience. Even sometimes, as funny it seems, the boys getting around call us ‘Indian Actress’, she wondered. Women can bike every kinds of motorcycles and bicycle be it big tiny latest or oldest ones. These days, there are more motorcycles than bicycles on the road. As more roads continues to be built, motor bikes have outnumbered bicycles, the journalist told me.

However, on the contrary to the joyful moments of ride, sometimes biking does not go the way it is supposed to. Accidents could happen during clumsy rides. Some people ride more than the speed limit and in reckless way. As much as enjoying the ride, nowadays accidents are also becoming a daily routine as more unlicensed riders and unregistered bikes are put on the roads, a friend of mine told me. Unlicensed drivers and unregistered bikes are not allowed in the town. If this is the case, you are more likely to get a decent ride than accidental one. Riding the little bicycles is like being a teenager again, take your time and visit Hawassa. While enjoying your ride, do not forget to wear the safety helmets needed for the biking for your own cause.

Otherwise, Hawasa is about more than pleasing yourself. The town has a potential to be hub to cycling and other sporting competitions. Biking competitions are being held on the town. It is the best sporting field for cycling and motor sports with huge fans and terrific weather. One thing you should not miss after riding is that not to forget to bask in the remarkable Fikir or Hawasa lakes.

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