Ethiopia: Tourism Brand Gets Amharic Equivalent

Ethiopia: Tourism Brand Gets Amharic Equivalent

Habeteselassie Tafesse who coined previous tourism brand ’13 months of sunshine’ and dubbed as the father of Ethiopian tourism, gets recognition for his excelled contribution to Ethiopia’s tourism development and growth.

The Amharic version of the new tourism brand ‘Ethiopia, Land of Origins’ was introduced as ‘Midre Kedemt’ yesterday at 4th regular meeting of Ethiopian Tourism Transformation Council.

Inaugurating the brand, Council Chairperson Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said despite the huge tourism potential, Ethiopia’s is not benefiting more from the sector. Works have been carried out to remove major impediments of the tourism industry by establishing Tourism Transformation Council, he added.

The Premier further said all stakeholders, including federal and regional states, are expected to play their parts for the success of the sector which is vital to improve the image and economy of the country.

At the event, Culture and Tourism Minister Dr. Hirut Woldemariam highlighted as priority needs to be given to carry out integrated works in addressing the bottlenecks in Ethiopia’s tourism industry.

She further said a lot should be done to modernize the industry.

Members of the council for their part raised their concern on problems associated with refurbishment of heritages.

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