Ethiopia: Tourist Inflow to Arba Minch Increases

Ethiopia: Tourist Inflow to Arba Minch Increases

The number of tourist arrivals to Arba Minch has recently risen by 50 %. This was disclosed by the town Mayor Ezo Emako during his exclusive interview with the Ethiopian Herald.

According to the mayor, the tourist inflow has increased due to the existing sustainable peace and security as well as the must seen tourist destinations in the town. .

Ezo said the town administration together with the community has enabled to build sustainable peace and security which in turn has made Arba Minch the most attractive tourism destinations in the country..

“We have put in place the necessary tourism infrastructure and made available motor boats in large number. Moreover, there is a modern airport and a daily flight schedule.”

The town right now has a number of world class hotels, plus,a four star international resort is being built ,he said.

The mayor said tourists are made to fill in feedback form on a regular basis and most of them are pleased to spend their time here. However, he said they expressed so often their dissatisfaction with the road to Nechsar National Park .

For his part, Tourist Attractions Development, Protection and Marketing Coordinator Sishaw Worku Sitota said the number of foreign tourists who visited the town was 15,769 in 2010 and generated income worth 23, 600, 000 Birr. “In 2016, the figure rose to 49,030 tourists and we earned 62,384,337 Birr form such industry alone.”

Arba Minch is located at 500km south of Addis Ababa ,well known for its crocodile market, hot spring, crocodile ranch, colorful traditional clothes, mesmerizing local culture, Nech sar National Park and more.