Excitement as golf celebrities set foot in Seychelles

Excitement as golf celebrities set foot in Seychelles


It was 3:05 pm this sunny, December 11, 2018, with on-board about 100 passengers, including 32 golfers, sponsoring officials from MCB, Staysure and constance Tour, and partners, that Air Seychelles Airbus A320 – S7-SIL, Silhouette, landed at the Pointe Larue airport in Seychelles.

The celebrity golfers landed in Seychelles immediately after a rigorous 3-day competition in Mauritius, on Sunday which ended, December 9, 2018.

The first tour of the Indian Ocean Swing culminated with the American professional golfer Dennis Clark finishing along with the podium for the present time accompanied by Swedish professional golfer Atlevi Magnus.

The top 29 on the Staysure Tour Order of Merit and three invitations are receiving prepared to compete for the MCB- Staysure Tour at the Constance Lemuria COURSE on Praslin.

Alongside Seychelles Tourism Board’s (STB) LEADER Mrs. Sherin Francis, the current presence of the Minister for Finance, Trade, Economic and investment Planning Mr. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, the former minister for tourism who was simply representing Minister Didier Dogley, minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Marine and ports was noted at the function.  Present at the function were MCB Director Mr also. Jackson Bernard and Remco Althuis, CEO of Air Seychelles.

On the bottom, the guests disembarking from the plane were welcomed by the STB staff to the sound of the beautiful voice of Praslin’s own Jean Ally singing softs ballads such as for example his famous song &ldquo away;Welcome to the Seychelles” providing them with a taste of the Creole hospitality.

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In order to make sure their comfort throughout their short stopover on Mahé, the golf delegation from Mauritius were escorted to the new air Seychelles VIP lounge, as their luggage along with other formalities were finished with the collaboration and support of staff from the Seychelles Revenue Commission, the Immigration Department, the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authorities, Air Seychelles and the immense support of the Seychelles Police.

Speaking of the very opportune event for the destination, Mrs. Sherin Francis STB Leader stated her pride to see these great professional set feet on our Islands.

“It really is an immense pleasure for me personally to note that all of the efforts devote has concretised to this type of beautiful moment. STB keeps marketing Seychelles as a polyvalent destination and having another international event on our calendar of events gives us that extra visibility. The function will probably be seen on lots of sports channel which is valuable publicity,” said Mrs. Francis.

She added that event wouldn’t normally have already been possible minus the commitment of the primary partners Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) and Constance Lemuria; she also thanked all of the partners and all of the institutions working effortlessly to help make the destination shine brighter.

Aside from MCB Constance and Seychelles Ephelia, the MCB- Staysure tour has been materialised with the prime contributions of CAT COCOS, TAKAMAKA, ISPC, Heineken along with Destination Marketing Companies including Masons Travel, Creole Travel Services and Seven Degree South that are working towards this first golf tournament in Seychelles actively.